The Eminent Persons Group of the Christian Council of Ghana has expressed grave concerns about the repetitive incidences of road accidents recorded amongst politicians and their campaign teams.

The Group notes in a press release signed by its Chairman, Rt. Rev. Prof. J.O.Y Mante, that the accidents are usually caused by excessive speeding on the part of political convoys.

According to the release, politically ambitious persons, usually accompanied convoys, drive along highways in a manner that is habitually negligent of road safety signs.

“We have observed that candidates travel at (reckless) speed along Ghana’s dusty highways in convoys of expensive vehicles. They are accompanied by T-shirted motor cycle outriders. They overtake specially hired buses of flag-waving supporters at reckless abandon.

“Road safety is a major national health issue, but one that rarely receives the attention it merits. Every year, a number of people are killed or incur non-fatal injuries through road accidents” the statement reads.

It has therefore prayed politicians to abide by road safety signs and regulations, while considering the lives of other commuters, in order to reduce or curb in totality, road accidents, especially during this campaign season.

“Ghanaians, especially our politicians and other teams, should be vigilant on the roads. They should not only think about themselves, and should not always be worried about getting to their destination in a great hurry.

“They should see the people who ‘accompany’ them on the road, each of whom has their own life, their own desire to reach a destination and their own problems. They should see everyone as brothers and sisters, sons and daughters of God. This is the attitude that should characterize the drivers of the politicians and convoys” the statement reads.

“We trust that our politicians place a high premium on life, in defence of the ‘though shall not kill’ commandment, than losing or winning an election.

It also appealed to the general public to respect all road safety regulations, especially in the lead-up to elections.