Dubai-based Emirates airlines is offering the public a special Business and Economy class fares to a wide range of cities across six continents.

These cities include London, New York, Shanghai, Singapore, Dubai, as well as Amsterdam, Johannesburg, Mumbai, Perth and Abidjan.

To enjoy the attractive discounts, bookings have to be made from now to the 24th of January for travel between 1st February and 30th June 2015.

“Many people make travel resolutions for the New Year, and as a global connector of people and places we’d love to help our customers fulfil their travel aspirations,” said Hendrik Du Preez, Country Manager, Emirates Ghana.

“Emirates offers a great network of global destinations, a great flying experience, and now for a limited time, great special fares. Whether it is to explore a new city, try out a new experience, or just making that long-promised visit to friends and family, there is never a better time to make those travel plans a reality with Emirates. We look forward to welcoming more customers, whether avid fans or first-time flyers, on board our flagship A380 as we continue to add A380 services across our network,” he added.

All-inclusive Business Class fares from Accra start at GH₵4,316 to GH₵24,297 — with Economy Class fares starting at GH₵1,154 to GH₵6,978 depending on the destination.

Emirates flies to 147 cities in 84 countries. New destinations added to its network in 2014 include: Taipei, Boston, Abuja, Chicago, Oslo, Brussels and Budapest.

It is not only the destinations that are increasing: Emirates also continues to add the latest aircraft to its fleet which now stands at 232. Its young, all wide-body aircraft fleet offers the latest on-board comforts including food prepared by gourmet chefs, and over 1,800 channels of entertainment on its award-winning ice system.

Emirates also operates 55 Airbus A380s, which currently serve 33 destinations spanning from Auckland in the East to Los Angeles in the West


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