The most powerful symbol in the era of the Covid-19 pandemic is arguably the facemask. Health experts advise it is one of the most effective ways to prevent the spreads of the virus coupled with good personal hygiene and the practice of social distancing.

What seemed to be only acceptably worn in hospital facilities has become a global assessor as countries are even institutions legislation compelling all to strictly adhere.

The health safety measure as we now know has gradually metamorphosed into a fashion statement.

Fashion powerhouses across the globe have jumped into the fray, producing facemasks to augment deficits in the overstretched resources among their respective countries.

For a trend that has come to stay, at least until the pandemic is eradicated, fashion designers have taken the style a notch higher.

The birth of high-end creative facemasks has caught on very fast.

In Ghana, the local fabrics have been in the trends with many adapting to the health precaution with fun patterns among others.

Another establishment that is leaving no stone unturned is CDM Fashion Couture.

The Accra-based clothing line has an enviable track record of providing fashion designing services to government and corporate institutions, schools of higher learning, churches, and the like.

A designer at CDM Fashion Couture producing face mask with high-level filtration efficiency

They are one of the few in the country who have tweaked the core mandate of their business to help reduce the spread of Covid-19.

They employ the use of high-quality cotton yet very light to wear on the face without weight stress and ache with double-layer cotton cloth standard for absolute protection and comfort.

The products also come with high-level filtration efficiency smaller than the droplet size of the virus thus making it impossible for virus penetration.

Its resistance to synthetic blood strikethrough as some studies shown certain material used in the production of face masks do allow this phenomenon thus, infectious and dangerous for usage. It is also fortified against fluid strike-through or bacterial passage.

Some of the ranges include the Corporate Unisex, The Casual Unisex and Face Protection Mask for Kids. They also come in a variety of fashionably designed in colours variety to suit every skin colour, facial outline and any corporate outfit irrespective of the colour.

CDM’s Corporate Unisex face mask is fashionably designed to suit every skin colour, facial outline and any corporate outfit

The Face Protection Mask for Kids is quite smaller in size as compared to the size of the adult masks and convenient for kids.

CDM Fashion Couture’s new line of facemasks is stringed with a flexible but durable cord, washable and reusable mask, air-tight packaging to avoid the product from being infected before reaching the user.

It’s also cost-effective. Considering the efficient filtration materials, its highly effective and protective mechanisms, the masks are available for bulk purchasing by all corporate/academic entities and individuals of all standards.

CDM Fashion Couture’s face masks have been approved by Ghana’s Food and Drugs Authority (FDA).

As Ghana continues to record increasing cases of the novel coronavirus, it is not lost on some businesses, the importance of their roles in mitigating the impact of the novel coronavirus.

Fashion designer Cecil Duddley Mends and his team helping to mitigate the impact of the novel coronavirus

CDM Fashion Couture joins a tall list of Ghanaian businesses contributing their quota in these trying times.