The Fafali Organization was presented with 200 acres of land by the traditional chiefs of Kpoviadzi on Saturday, 30th July 2022 in Vume-Kpoviadzi, in the Volta region of Ghana.

The land was released to the Organization at a ceremony chaired by Togbe Kokotako, a Sub-Chief of Kpoviadzi, under the auspices of the Chief of Kpoviadzi, Togbe Addo IV. In attendance was the Paramount Chief of the Vume-Traditional Area and a Member of the Volta Regional House of Chiefs, Okokoanko Akornor II.
The land is to be used as a sports and STEM centre which will be beneficial to the people of Kpoviadzi, the Volta region, and Ghana as a whole. The Sports Academy will include sporting disciplines like; Football, Golf, Rugby, Table Tennis, Lawn Tennis, Swimming, Cricket, and many more.

Togbe Addo IV, Chief of Kpoviadzi, outlined to everyone present, the reason for gathering and presenting such a vast land to the Fafali Organization and Norfafa Limited Company.
“Our primary concern for gathering this day is to hand over about two hundred acres of land to Fafali and Norfafa for the construction of a sports academy for the people of Vume- Kpoviadzi, especially the youth.” He said.

Kpoviadzi is a rural community in the Central Tongu District and also under the Vume Traditional Council, in the Volta region of Ghana. The community serves as a home to about 1,000 individuals, who are predominantly farmers and some, pottery makers.

Kpoviadzi happens to be the hometown of the Founder and President of the Fafali Organization and Norfafa Limited Company, SSG Raymond Senyo Amezado, a US Army veteran. The community has also been home to many programs of the Fafali Organization. The Ball & Brain project of the organization has on several occasions camped in the community. Fafali’s annual Coach the Coaches Course has had its impact largely on the Kpoviadzi community. Soccer clinics for over 500 children as well as training coaches in and around the community.

The Fafali Organization through its charity works in the community was awarded this 200 acres of land to carry out its STEM and Sports project.

STEM and Sports have always been at the heart of the Fafali Organization and this is evident in the organization’s construction of a two-classroom unit block to aid in the promotion of STEM education in areas such as coding, graphic designing, photography, website designing, etc. In the area of Sports, the Organization runs the Ball & Brain project and the Golf & Goal project, all in the Kissehman community. As a means to expand the impact these projects have on society, the Fafali Organization is honored to be given this vast area of land.

CEO of the Fafali Organization, Senyo Sosu, outlined the Organization’s gratitude towards the Chiefs and people of Kpoviadzi for the immense show of love as well as how the Organization intends to spread development throughout the community.

“On behalf of the Fafali Organization, I will like to use this opportunity to thank the chiefs and indigenes of the Kpoviadzi community, when we pitched our idea of building a sports and STEM center they bought into it,” he remarked. Mr. Sosu mentioned that the goal has always been “to spread development throughout that enclave of the Volta region by providing jobs for the people”.

Mr. Sosu when asked about the vision and end goal of this project disclosed that, “the end goal is to get more sports athletes for Ghana and also to get more scientists for Ghana and those who can perform drumming and dancing for Ghana as well as to attract international recognition for the good people of Ghana and the Volta region”.

In the traditional setting, it is always said that you do not go to the chief’s palace empty-handed. So, as a show of gratitude and appreciation, the organization presented to the Chief and people of Kpoviadzi, a lamb, a goat, bottles of drinks, and an undisclosed amount of money.

Importance of giving out the land

In a speech read out by the Chief of Kpoviadzi, Togbe Addo IV at the ceremony, he outlined the enormous impact this project, if completed will have on the individuals and the community as a whole.
“Mr Chairman, the primary focus in many cases is academics, which certainly is an important aspect in building the youths, but many fail to recognize the importance of sports.

Mr Chairman, ladies, and gentlemen, the sports academy when completed, will be of immense benefit to the community of Vume-Kpoviadzi and other neighbouring communities. One key fact is that the academy will be used to promote sporting activities which teach students and for that matter the youth many important life lessons. It teaches discipline, focus, dedication, hard work, commitment and teamwork. And it is our responsibility as a community to value the construction of the sports academy.

Mr Chairman, again, the sports academy will help instil plenty of values that help students and the youth to cruise through life with honesty and responsibility for themselves and others. It also allows the youth to be agile and fit that only increases their concentration in academics and their willingness to perform better in any field.

Also, Mr Chairman, ladies and gentlemen, the construction of the sports academy will help improve the mental health of the youth in order to have a holistic and healthy life. Sound mental health plays a great role in keeping the youth happy and focused. By physically playing various kinds of sports, our children will realize that they can concentrate better in class.
Mr Chairman, time will not permit me to delve into other benefits which include peaceful co-existence and cooperation as well as the creation of jobs for the youth during the construction of the academy.
Additionally, sports talents in young people will be identified and developed and give them a chance of making a career.

Mr Chairman, ladies and gentlemen, it is certain that the construction of the sports academy will bring about some inconveniences such as the creation of dust among others. I plead with all of you to bear with them when inconveniences erupt and rather cooperate with them and give them our support when the need arises.

Mr Chairman, it is said that Oliver Twist will always ask for more. I take this opportunity to appeal to Fafali and Norfafa to also take into consideration the construction of other amenities in Vume-Kpoviadzi. Chief among these amenities are roads and supply of potable drinking water. We shall also be grateful if our bridge is rehabilitated to facilitate the movements of humans and vehicles.

Mr Chairman, I would also like to appeal to Fafali and Norfafa and other able organizations to help improve the telecommunication network system in the community. Again, the land is full of clay for Ceramics, we shall be grateful if any of your organisations can make good use of it which will benefit them as well as the community.”

Paramount Chief of Vume-Traditional Area and Member of the Volta Regional House of Chiefs, Okokoanko Akornor II, also shared his insight on what he witnessed and encouraged the Organization to keep soaring higher to bring more of these opportunities to the people of Kpoviadzi.

“This gathering, if I’m not exaggerating, is the largest I’ve witnessed in all of Vume-Traditional Area. We didn’t anticipate such a project in Kpoviadzi. It is important that we always pray for our siblings and children outside this community so they keep having this vision of bringing the best to Kpoviadzi” Okokoanko Akonnor II said. He admonished parents to support their children who intend to take sports as a career as “it has enormous benefits for the future”.

According to the President and CEO of the Fafali Organization, SSG Raymond Senyo Amezado and Senyo Sosu respectively, work is scheduled to begin on the land as early as next year to fast-track the intended development of the Vume-Kpoviadzi community. The project, if completed will be the biggest sports academy in Africa. It will include a Golf course, an education facility for classroom activities, as well as numerous kiddie playgrounds.

DISCLAIMER: The Views, Comments, Opinions, Contributions and Statements made by Readers and Contributors on this platform do not necessarily represent the views or policy of Multimedia Group Limited.

DISCLAIMER: The Views, Comments, Opinions, Contributions and Statements made by Readers and Contributors on this platform do not necessarily represent the views or policy of Multimedia Group Limited.