The family of slain activist Ibrahim Mohammed alias Kaaka Macho has announced their intention to sue the three-member committee set up to probe the Ejura protest that led to the loss of two lives on Tuesday, June 29.

At a press briefing on Tuesday, the family also divulged that legal actions will be taken against witnesses who appeared before the committee.

According to the spokesperson, Abdul Nafiu Mohammed, the committee was wrong to suggest that Kaaka was killed due to a family feud rather than his social media activism.

He insisted that the Justice George Kingsley Koomson committee was not mandated to investigate the death of their relative.

Therefore, to go beyond their directive and issue such “false” information about Kaaka’s death is unacceptable.

Family of Kaaka considering legal action against Ejura Committee

“We are disappointed that a committee charged with such an important national duty so shamefully failed to uphold the most basic value of impartiality and due diligence.

“We are also disappointed that a committee supposedly chaired by a Justice of the Court of Appeal failed to show the minimum level of legal awareness and a sense of judicial restraint.

“Instead, the committee completely abandoned the due process and showed zero respect for the fair trial rights of persons currently arrested in connection with the police inquiry into the death of Kaaka.

“We take this as sufficient evidence of their lack of integrity and their insensitivity,” he said.

As part of decisions taken henceforth, Mr Mohammed indicated that the family file a formal police complaint against one Aminu Mohammed regarding the allegation of bribery and corruption he made against the mother of Kaaka and the Ejura Police.

He mentioned that two others, Sadia Fuseini and Muniratu Alhassan, will be reported to the police for deliberate lies and attempts to deceive the police in the performance of their functions.

Amidst the call for fair justice for their late relative, Mr Mohammed said the family will request another audience with the Inspector-General of Police to highlight their displeasure with the investigations into Kaaka’s murder.

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