The Food and Drugs Authority (FDA) is fast-tracking the registration of hand sanitisers to ensure their availability on the market.

In a statement issued on Tuesday, it advised the public to use the Authority’s registered hand sanitisers as they were effective against the coronavirus (COVID-19).

The FDA said globally “there is no medication approved for the treatment of the COVID-19 pandemic.”

It said the Authority would announce any approved medicine as they become available.

It further appealed to the public to check the expiry dates on hand sanitisers before buying them.

The FDA gave out the lists of registered hand sanitizers as: Spaklean Bubbles Sanitizers, Kleanz hand sanitizer, Pure Klenz hand sanitizer, Steri-7 Biocidal hand sanitizer, Purell hand Sanitzer, Soha Sanitizer, Jeswe hand sanitizer, Equi Clean hand sanitizer, and Deva Max Antibacterial hand sanitizer.

The rest are Bgclean Instant hand sanitizer, Bactigel Instant Hand sanitizer, Dowford hand sanitizer, Pharmaderm hand sanitizer, Higeen Antibacterial hand sanitizer, Bling Hand sanitizer, Forever hand sanitizer, Bling hand sanitizer, Sivoderm hand sanitizer.

Ghana has so far recorded six cases of COVID-19 and, as part of efforts to combat the disease, health professionals have recommended the use of hand sanitizers among other precautionary measures.

Following the announcement of the use of hand sanitizers, loads of sanitizers have flooded the market and their prices had increased astronomically.

It has been recommended that hand sanitisers with at least 70 per cent of alcohol is appropriate to use to fight the COVID-19.