Board Chairman of the Ghana Broadcasting Corporation, Prof John Ahetor has said the only panacea to alleged rot and mismanagement at the state broadcaster is to prosecute persons fingered for stealing.

The state broadcaster is said to owe over one million cedis and also lacks the finances to pay about 141 workers it employed allegedly without due authorization.

The deplorable state of GBC was made known after a meeting between workers of the state broadcaster and the Information Minister, John Tia.

The workers were divided over the interdiction of Director General Ampem Darko, with the union members demanding his return to office – a demand other workers have kicked against.

Reacting to the meeting and the subsequent revelations, the Board Chairman Prof Ahetor told Joy News’ Dzifa Bampoh he has been vindicated.

“The government must start prosecution of people who have been found [to be] involved in the stealing, financial mismanagement, misappropriation, diversions and so on… and people will be encouraged to report it when they see the wrong thing going on,” he said.

He said the board has provided substantial evidence to three statutory bodies including the Economic and Organised Crime Office (formerly Serious Fraud Office) and the National Media Commission over alleged misappropriation in which the interdicted Director General Ampem Darko stands accused.

The NMC apart from interdicting the DG has also asked the Board Chairman to step aside as investigations continue.

But Prof Ahetor suspects the NMC is trying to shield the Director General.

He said the NMC has remained mute on the allegations and is waiting for the tenure of the Board to elapse in April only to recall Ampem Darko back to office.

He said if the state fails to prosecute corrupt personalities others will not be encouraged to blow the whistle even if they see corruption going on.

“As a citizen I will not feel motivated to be vigilant in ensuring that state property is properly used and properly accounted for,” he said.

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Story by Nathan Gadugah/