The Online Drivers Union Ghana (ODUG), is pleading with churches to help them feed the homeless and financially disabled persons in society, while in lockdown.

In a letter to the churches, ODUG indicated that Government, through the Ministry of Children and Social Welfare, is providing some 6,000 meals daily to a section of these people around Tudu, Makola and the Central Business District of Accra.

However, there are other people outside government targeted areas that need help, the drivers have observed.

Although they are trying their best to help some of these individuals, ODUG believes that their efforts alone are not enough to sustain the initiative.

“The Online Drivers Union Ghana (ODUG) is appealing to the Christian communities to donate food, water and sanitizers to enable these poor people to survive in these times.

“We are targeting raising food, water and sanitizers for 2000 families and it would be very much appreciated if your Church could take part in this humanitarian service,” they added.

The union has already begun giving donations to some families in Accra who may have been hit hard by the lockdown.

ODUG partnered United Nations Youth Association, Queen Mothers Association, and Feenix Online on Friday, April 3, to donate some food items, water and hand sanitisers to Ayigbe town a squatter’s settlement behind Fiester Royal Hotel, Dzorwulu, Accra.

“It was mind-blowing the population of young men, women and kids found to be residing in this place.  It was overwhelming to realise that the volume of items organised was woefully inadequate for the people who are living in just Kiosks.”

ODUG urged the Christian Community to come through for the kids who have to go a day with either one meal a day or none at all.

“Online Drivers Union Ghana will make the necessary arrangements to acknowledge your support through the mass media for your benevolence.

“Our fleet of vehicles will be available to convey all items you may donate to be distributed to any settler community you may determine or we may recommend.”