The Management of the Ghana School of Law has stated that the institution is considering introducing a triple track system to manage the large number of students who have passed the entrance exams.

This follows the publication by the Independent Examination Committee of the General Legal Council (GLC) of 1045 index numbers as those who passed the 2020 Law School Entrance Examination out of a total of 2763 candidates.

This number represents a remarkable increase in the pass rate of candidates as compared to last year’s 93 per cent failure.

In 2019, only 128 students out of 1,820 candidates passed the Ghana School of Law entrance exam.

According to the Director of the Ghana School of Law, Maxwell Opoku Agyeman, due to the large numbers admitted, the triple track system will enable them maximize the use of their limited facility.

The new system, he said, will also ensure that the weekly academic timetable of lectures become more time-efficient.

“It’s not even double track, its triple track if you want to use it, which is not a double track as you have in SHS. For example, students are supposed to have 24 hours per contact hours in a week. Meanwhile, if you add up, how many hours do you have in a week? Five days?

“You realise that students have been wasting time on campus doing nothing because we spread lectures, one in the morning, maybe one in the evening, the following day one in the morning, one in the evening. It’s waste of time.”

According to Mr Opoku Agyeman, the coronavirus pandemic afforded candidates ample time to prepare adequately for the entrance exam which was written in August this year.

“This year, what we did was that because of Covid…We gave them almost 3 months notice for them to prepare for [the] exam and assured them that the exam will take place at the end of August. So we gave them ample time to prepare”.

This, he added, was unlike that of the previous year when students wrote the exam immediately after the end of the semester in July.

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