Ghanaian designer Aphia Sakyi has recently come under the spotlight after some of her accessories were spotted on characters in the movie ‘Coming 2 America’.

Speaking on Showbiz A-Z , she revealed that she was contacted via email to create some accessories for the movie.

Aphia Sakyi stated that she was originally contracted to make only one accessory, however, she was asked to create others later.

“They first bought a piece from us and see how it will complement the look they have. So after the first piece, they felt they needed more pieces to be able to style more designs,” she said.

Aphia Sakyi’s African brass-faced necklace was seen notably on Princess Meeka and Oha, Semmi.

aphia sakyi

The designer stated that regardless of the criticisms the movie has been receiving on all fronts including fashion, she believes the filmmakers wanted to incorporate current African trends thus the inclusion of designers and music from the continent.

She said that aside from the content the movie seemingly puts focus on African fashion trends with the outfits and accessories.

Aside from Coming 2 America, Aphia Sakyi’s accessories have also been used by a number of celebrities including Janet Jackson, Ciara, Grammy Award artiste Ledisi and others.