Ghanaian musician, Kofi Jamar has come under criticism for a tweet he made regarding the effects of colonisation.

The artiste, who has been very vocal about his conscious stance regarding black empowerment, took it to another level today.

In a post on Monday, he eulogised the impact Africans have had on music genres on the international front.

In justifying the role of blacks in these spaces, Kofi Jamar explained that “our ancestors really knew what they were doing when they sold Most Africans into slavery.”

“This is a great impact on the world as we see today,” he continued in the post on Twitter earlier today.

Ghanaians call out Kofi Jamar over 'benefits of colonisation' tweet

He added that “Blacks have benefited and impacted the world a lot in so many ways due to that migration. Shhh we wouldn’t have had the likes of Jay z, Lebron, Michael Jackson, Kanye West, Virgil abloh and a whole lot you can mention.”

Some social media users did not take this lightly.

But the artiste, following the tirade of reactions, seems to have gone back on his words.

He has since deleted the post apologised for the comment.

“I apologize for my tweet. My great grandfather, Prempeh the 1st was captured as a result of the colonial regime, I’ve been affected by what happened in many ways. Although the deed of slavery is wrong I can’t deny the impact blacks have had on the world today because of that.”

Ghanaians call out Kofi Jamar over 'benefits of colonisation' tweet

Meanwhile, the apology seems to have done very little to cure the outrage sparked by the original post.

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