H.E. Jennifer Lartey, Ghana’s Ambassador to Norway

Ghana’s Ambassador to Norway, H.E. Jennifer Lartey is expected to inaugurate the National Union of Ghanaians in Norway which is going to be a networking organ and a collaborating board for all the different local Ghanaian unions, associations and communities currently operating in different regions of the country.

The event is scheduled to take place at Lyngbø Sportsklubb, Gravdalsveien 9 in Bergen, 5:30 pm prompt on December 4, 2021.

The event will bring together the various Ghanaian associations/unions in Norway. Those expected to attend this inaugural event include representatives from the Ghanaians Association of Trøndelag, (Trondheim), Association of Ghanaians in Rogaland (Stavanger), Ghana Union Agder (Kristiansand), Ghana Union Vestland (Bergen) (host organisation) and some other Ghanaian individuals from Oslo, (the capital city) Tromsø and Harstad (Northern Norway).

Ghana's Ambassador to Norway to inaugurate National Union of Ghanaians in Norway

The purpose of the National Union is to collaborate with Ghana’s Embassy in Oslo, Norway to champion the interests of Ghana and Ghanaians in Norway regardless of which political party is in charge of affairs back home in Ghana.

The formation of the union also seeks to create a platform for networking and collaboration amongst the local and regional unions in Norway. In addition will the union work for the welfare and common good of all Ghanaians living in Norway.

The union will also support national ‘nonpartisan’ developmental projects back home in Ghana as a way of giving back to the Ghanaian society. The National Union of Ghanaians in Norway will be the voice and representative of all Ghanaian associations/unions in Norway in the planned larger Ghanaian Union in the Nordic countries.

The inauguration will be graced by some Ghanaian cultural activities and followed by a Christmas party, music and dance at the same venue.

The party is to give members the opportunity to meet, socialize and rekindle lost contacts after almost two years of lockdown and the ban on social gatherings during the Covid-19 pandemic. The event is being sponsored and supported by the County of Bergen & Passion for Difference Organization.

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