GIG Mobility (GIGM) has commenced operations in Ghana with a unique approach to delivering quality service and providing comfort and safety to cross country and inter-city travellers.

Prospective travellers have three options to purchase their ticket; through a mobile application, the company’s website, and at its bus terminal at Kwame Nkrumah Circle.

To relieve patrons of travelling all the way to its terminal to board the bus, the technologically powered transport platform, had provided the option to pick them up at a designated point within the travellers’ locality.

At a brief ceremony to launch its operations, Vuakpor Muoghereh, the Chief Operating Officer of GIGM, said the company would start with the Accra-Kumasi-Accra and Accra-Lagos-Accra routes.

In the near future its services would be extended to all the 16 regions of Ghana and the neighbouring countries to enable others to experience the revolutionalised transport system in West Africa, she said.

“This introduces a more convenient way to travel as opposed to the conventional “wait and fill model for interstate travel. Booking tickets on the GIGM app is easy and can be done in less than five minutes from the comfort zone of the user,” Ms Muoghereh said.

“The user simply needs to download the GIGM app on the Google play store and the App Store for iOS users and sign up and commence use by filling up the itinerary for travel.”

“Using the GIGM pick up service is a lot more convenient and faster. You simply indicate your destination under the pick-me-up button on the mobile app and the nearest pickup points are displayed for selection.”

The GIGM would contribute to global transportation where commuters would have the power to move around cities at their convenience.

“We are also delighted to be players and contributors to the growing economy in Ghana,” she said.

With over 20 years in service to travellers, Ms Muoghereh said the company had consistently reinvented the wheel by focusing on exceptional customer experience and leveraging technology to build innovative solutions.

She said it had carefully screened and recruited professional captains (drivers), who had undergone continuous professional development and safety procedures to provide the best service. 

Individuals who wished to invest in the company by bringing onboard busses could do so through the GIGM enterprise partner model. 

She urged travellers to download the app to make bookings and request for vehicle hiring and pick up services.



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