Students of the Ghana Institute of Journalism (GIJ) have protested a directive from management asking those who paid their fees late to defer their courses for the year.

Clad in black and red, the students have besieged the premises of the school chanting war songs to drum home their displeasure.

The students in an interview accused the management of the Institute as being unfair and are asking for the directive revoked.

For the agitated students, management should have given them a fore notice to the consequences of late payment.

They also accused the school of being insensitive considering the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic has had on people’s source of income.

“Students were unaware of the consequences of late payment of fees. So we went about our duties, doing our assignments, online tests and all that only for management to come out that [affected students should defer their course]. They must just change this decision that is what we are saying,” one student said.

Another also added, “I knew that if we don’t pay early, we are going to defer but then the issue is, we are in a pandemic so any wise institute would at least give a grace period since some parents lost their job and the economy became fragile.”

Speaking to JoyNews, Buisila South MP, Dr Clement Apaak, condemned the decision describing it as unfair.

In his view, an appropriate alternative that will solve the issue amicable must be considered to enable students sit for their exams.

“Covid-19 has had its implications, for this reason even government is seeking the support of the citizens, so if the students have paid their fees and if they have not paid and they were allowed to register, prepared and are in the right frame of mind to write their exams, only for the management of the institution to tell them they should defer, I do not think it is fair.

“I will say that, they should be allowed to write their exams and if and when there are conditions that will mandate the authorities to hold students accountable for non-payment of fees that can be done,” he told Manuel Koranteng.

Mr Apaak, consequently, implored management of GIJ to reconsider its decision.