The Global Evangelical Church, Zion Chapel at Kabakaba Hill in Ho, has climaxed the 30th-anniversary celebration with a call on the congregants to be steadfast in the Lord. 

The colourful celebration of teaching, healing and deliverance service among other week-long programmes was climaxed by a colourful joint service as well as the unveiling of a brand new bus for the Church.

Moderator of the church, Rev. Setorwu Ofori admonished members to be faithful and united for the service of the Lord.

Rt Rev Setorwu Ofori  also urged the congregants to determine and trust in the Lord, knowing that the Lord is and will always be with them

He said the celebration was about the faithfulness of God in difficulties that they find themselves in.

Global Evangelical Church at Kabakaba Hill celebrates 30th anniversary

“As children of the Lord, we must know that there is no other source of joy or encouragement for us but to turn to God in such times. And when we turn to Him and serve Him faithfully, he will always prove His faithfulness to us,” he said 

He added that Christians will always face tribulations and stormy situations but with determination and faith in the Lord, victory will be there at the end of the tunnel. 

With determination and faith, the global churches, he stated have been able to progress spiritually, physically and in all aspects of life.

The Parish Pastor of the Global Evangelical Church, Kabakaba Hill, Zion Chapel, Rev Francis Edem Dande in his welcome address noted that there is the need to revive the evangelism activities and home cells to win more souls for Christ.

“Ho is developing at a fast rate and we need to work harder and open new branches in the developing areas such as Lokoe Diamond Cement and Sanuwade in the future,” Rev. Dande said.

The 30th anniversary was under the theme “Despise not the little beginning”, Job 8:7

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