Deputy General Secretary and Member of the Infectious Diseases Committee of the Ghana Medical Association, Dr. Titus Beyuo

The Ghana Medical Association has expressed worry over the lack of Personal Protective Equipment (PPEs) for frontline workers, as they combat the spread of the infectious coronavirus.

Speaking on Joy FM’s Newsnite on Thursday, the Association’s Deputy General Secretary, Dr Titus Beyuo, said it is disappointing to know that the health workers risking their lives to save humanity have been left on their own.

This comes after the Korle-Bu Teaching Hospital on Thursday, issued a statement that the Emergency Unit of the facility will be closed down for fumigation.

According to the statement, some workers of the Hospital were exposed to a suspected coronavirus patient and are, therefore, in self-quarantine.

Commenting on this, Dr Beyuo described it as a distressful situation which must not be the worry of only health workers but the nation as a whole.

“Places like Korle-Bu Teaching Hospital, Ridge Hospital, 37 Military Hospital and Komfo Anokye Teaching Hospital, have higher risks exposure because all the peripheral hospitals refer to these places.

“So if for nothing at all, every worker in these hospitals, particularly, the emergency unit, should have an N95 masks,” he said.

He further noted that already, the country does not have enough health personnel therefore, government must work effectively and quickly to protect health workers.

“If not, if we keep exposing these people [frontline workers] then we are harming ourselves as a country.”

However, Joy FM’s attempts to contact the Information Ministry and the Ghana Health Service (GHS) to comment on the issue have proven futile.

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