When I say men are a different breed, I mean it in the literal sense. I still find it hard to believe the events of that day really happened. Here I thought I had hit the jackpot when I met a handsome, charismatic man with an impressive bankroll. Little did I know I’d be driving his pregnant baby mama to the hospital.

It all started when he drove by me and my friend in a flashy Audi which caught my attention. After brief introductions, he asked both of us out to lunch which we agreed because who says no to free food? We got to the mall. As we walked by the shops, one dress caught my eye. He noticed that I liked it and offered to buy it for me. It’s like this guy knew all my love languages.

“What do you do?” I remember curiously asking when we settled at the restaurant.

“I’m a doctor.” He answered without giving specifics. The way I know doctors, they go on and on about their careers.

“Oh, nice,” I said.

We finished our lunch date and he dropped us back home. Before I left the car, he held my hand and pulled me back in. He asked for my number which I gladly gave him. We texted back and forth a couple of times, planning the next time we would meet.

Weeks later, the doctor and I were relationship goals. My friends couldn’t stop talking about how perfect we were together and how I’m glowing now. Every weekend we’d go out of town for a mini baecation. I was in cloud nine living life to the fullest. He even gave me my own credit card, one of his cars and a set of keys to his house. I was the ultimate doctor’s girlfriend.

“Babe, we should get pregnant.” He told me, out of the blue.

Pregnant? This guy must think I’m dumb. I thought to myself.

“Babe, I’m just 22 years old. I can’t handle that kind of responsibility.”

“It’s okay. I just thought you’d look so beautiful with a baby bump.” He answered with a suspicious grin.

The pregnancy conversation didn’t end there. He would randomly bring up the topic every now and then but my response was always the same; no. He also wanted me to meet his family but I wasn’t ready. However, it piqued my curiosity as to why he wanted to have a baby so badly. Most men don’t even mention it, let alone ask their girlfriends to get pregnant.

Then 3 months down the line, he starts talking about his pregnant cousin. I don’t really take notice of it because I am just happy about being in love. I thought it was sweet but after that day, he stopped talking about me getting pregnant. I thought I was off the hook and that story quickly escaped my mind.

One day, I got a distress call from my boyfriend asking me if I remember his pregnant cousin. This again! How could I forget when it was all he talked about for a whole month?

“She’s having the baby.” He said in a panicky way.

I still didn’t understand how I got so involved in his cousin’s pregnancy but I was in too deep at that point. He then instructed me to go pick his sister who would show me where his cousin lived. Apparently, I was the one to take her to the hospital.

I got to his sister’s place who then took me to their cousin’s house. She was all ready to go and we drove to the hospital. This was the first time meeting her but she seemed to have a problem with me. She complained about my driving and gave me so much attitude when I tried to be nice to her but I brushed it off as pregnancy hormones.

My boyfriend called me as we approached the hospital and told me he had already arranged for her maternity care. He gave me the name of the person to ask the receptionist and then told me to use the credit card to buy some baby clothes and anything his cousin might need.

All this responsibility started to get on my nerve but his sister, on the other hand, kept telling me how her brother is lucky to have me. I was running up and down the hospital as if it was my best friend who was having the baby and I had just met the woman an hour ago.

By the time we got back to the hospital, she had already given birth but her attitude was still the same.

“Where’s Melo?” she asked barely making eye contact with me.

“He said he was on his way. Do you need anything? Are you comfortable?” I asked approaching the bed.

“Yes, I’m thirsty. Can you get me some juice?”

As I headed to the canteen, bae called me saying he was outside. Finally, I could breathe. My friends had also arrived and I told them to meet me at the entrance. After embracing the doctor and sharing some sweet nothings, I thanked him for caring about his family the way he did.

I led the small party to the maternity ward where my boyfriend’s cousin and family were waiting for him. The girl’s mother was the first to welcome him as his cousin was napping. She woke up after hearing her mother greet the doctor.

“Baby, why did you take so long? I wanted you to hold your son.”

Everything went silent except the ringing in my ear and the woman calling my boyfriend “baby”. I turned to my friends who were equally astonished then they started yelling at the doctor and his supposed baby mama. It took me a minute to recover from the shock which then turned to anger.

After a shouting match with the baby mama, the nurses came by and kicked us all out except the mother saying we were causing a scene. I walked out trying to get my boyfriend to go out with me to find out what exactly happened. I was crying hysterically as I remembered how I drove my boyfriend’s baby mama to deliver their baby.

DISCLAIMER: The Views, Comments, Opinions, Contributions and Statements made by Readers and Contributors on this platform do not necessarily represent the views or policy of Multimedia Group Limited.

DISCLAIMER: The Views, Comments, Opinions, Contributions and Statements made by Readers and Contributors on this platform do not necessarily represent the views or policy of Multimedia Group Limited.