Ping San Frontieres aims to reduce the ecological footprints and make table tennis accessible to Africans.

The first ever African-made table tennis table “TAKO” was unveiled in the Western Region earlier this month.

The table, which is made up of 100% high-quality Ghanaian materials, was launched by the country director of Ping San Frontieres, Ishmael Abraham Armah, two weeks ago at the Takoradi mall.

How Takoradi became the hub for creating the first ever African-made table tennis table

Ping San Frontieres was founded by France-based Cameroonian lawyer and professional table tennis player Sarah Hanffou with the aim of reducing the ecological footprints and making table tennis accessible and as a tool for global development.

Sarah, who’s currently in Tokyo getting ready for the Olympics, spoke to Joy Sports’ Owuraku Ampofo about why she chose Ghana for this project.