Cina Soul (Credit: @cina_soul. Taken by Oneside Pixel)

Sultry singer, Cina Soul has described the moment she performed with the first female Wulomei singer, Naa Amanua Dodoo, and veteran music icon Amandzeba, as the most adorable moment in her music career.

Sharing the moment, she explained how small she felt to be in the middle of these legends with many thoughts running through her mind.

“I think one moment in my career I adore is when I performed with Naa Amanua of Wulomei…”, she recounted.

Discussing her music career and experience with Emefa Akosua Adeti on Prime Morning Thursday, Cina Soul said, although she hasn’t achieved up to her expectations in the industry, she was in awe of where she has been to so far.

“I know I have not achieved my best in music, but the most adorable moment so far is when I performed with Naa Amanua and Amandzeba on the same stage”, she added.

Christie Quincyna Quarcoopome known in showbiz as Cina Soul is a singer-songwriter and recording artiste. 

Her first attempt at music was her participation in the Vodafone Ghana Music Icons in 2014 and emerging as a finalist.

In 2016, Cina released her debut album, ‘Metanoia’ featuring M.anifest, Worlasi and KiDi, the record that led her to the spotlight, earning her a spot on the charts with singles; ‘Awo’ and ‘Julor’.

The ‘Ojorley’ hitmaker described how she felt so small after Amandziba joined them on the same platform because these musicians are legends to her, but quickly added that the future is bright and believes there is a lot to achieve.

As part of promoting her new song ‘Feelings’ which features KiDi, she said working with him was amazing because he is talented. According to Cina, KiDi wrote almost 80% of the song.

“I like KiDi because he is talented, he wrote almost 80% of the song,” she stated.

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