Gospel musician, Kofi Karikari

Gospel musician Kofi Karikari says much of the music he writes often come to him as surprises, stressing his songs are delivered by grace.

The ‘Meda Wase’ hitmaker said he never prayed to request songwriting skills as others do, but “God just looked at the young boy from Takoradi and said ‘come take this’.”

When asked whether he prayed for the gift of writing songs, he replied ‘no’.

He told Fifi Folson on Joy FM’s ‘The Reason is Jesus’, Sunday, that “sincerely, I didn’t pray for this and I think that’s one of the reasons why I’m so humbled every time because I don’t know what I would have done to merit this gift.”

“I don’t know the number of prayers I would have prayed for God to say that ‘take this’. It was just purely by his grace. That’s the God we serve; he’s a giver. The Bible says he gives gifts to men, and he’s given gifts to every one of us.”

“You have a gift in you; God has placed it there for a reason. Pray to him, find it, grow it, and you would be shocked what God will do with your life,” Kofi added.

He also noted that playing musical instruments plays a major role in his songwriting proficiency.

“I play just enough to be able to write. I don’t go all out telling people ‘I am this’; there are masters in this field. I pick my guitar, and God can drop tunes in my spirit.”

“I sit behind the keyboard, and God does it. Sometimes, I don’t play any instrument, but I hear it.”