The Energy Minister is promising to transform the Hohoe Constituency in the Volta Region beyond imagination if elected as Member of Parliament in the December 7 general elections. 

Irrespective of the fact that MPs are not development agents, John Peter Amewu seeks to use his office, political affiliations, and connections to harness development in the area. 

In a letter to Hohoe Constituents published on his official website, Mr. Amewu indicated his agenda to ensure development touch base in every nook and cranny of the Hohoe Constituency, to reposition it as the beacon of development in the Volta Region. 

”Trust me. Remember politics is all about the authoritative allocation of resources and Parliament is one place where state resources are allocated and distributed. That’s why you need someone of the caliber of John-Peter Amewu, a true and ardent son of Gbi and Hohoe, to be there for you”, he stated.

According to Mr. Amewu, his team is compiling what he referred to as the ”Citizens’ Manifesto” which would catalyst a series of programs and projects that would inure to both the human and physical development of the constituency. 

Topmost among programs he aims to execute as MP is the ”One Community, One Project” where residents are encouraged to put forth a major development project they so much desire to be executed in their respective communities. 

”…as you pledge to give me your votes, I want you to put across to me needs you want me to meet, address or fulfill for your community when elected as your MP. I can assure you, with our collective efforts and with God’s guidance, these shall be done when I become your MP. It’s simply going to be what I call ‘ONE COMMUNITY ONE PROJECT’ across the entire constituency. So I ask you now to start thinking about a problem-solving project in the community where you live so we can work at it collectively”, he stated. 

Mr. Amewu is also seeking to leave a legacy in each and every family in the constituency by undertaking a destiny-changing inter-generational investment

under his ”One Family, One Opportunity” program. 

”I will make sure at least one person from each family in Hohoe benefits either by way of educational opportunity, scholarships, sponsorships, exposure to or linkage to useful and profitable networks, travel opportunities, employment, business opportunities, government and private sector contracts, financial facilities, etc. that should pull out and push at least one person up in each family who then can potentially be the agent of change. I call it simply ’ONE FAMILY ONE OPPORTUNITY’.” 

He further listed development projects, he lobbied, facilitated or executed in the constituency within the past 3 and a half years of the governing NPP administration, which included an extension of electricity to communities, provision of streetlights, and the construction of the first-ever mini-hydro powerplant in Ghana on the Tsatsadu river at Alavanyo-Abenyenase. The plant currently supplies electricity to the Alavanyo-Abenyenase community. 

He promised to facilitate the construction of a similar powerplant, on River Dayi to feed the rest of the entire Hohoe constituency. 

Other projects he listed are the construction of the Hohoe Sports stadium, a state-of-the-art Police Station at Alavanyo Kpeme, Hohoe township roads, Hohoe-Fodome, and Wli-Todzi roads and construction of additional infrastructural facilities for the Hohoe E.P. SHS.

”Elsewhere within the Municipality and Constituency, I have lobbied for several projects including CHIP compounds, mini-markets, classroom blocks, lockable stores, warehouse, boreholes, etc under the Infrastructure for Poverty Eradication Programme (IPEP). All these are life-transforming visible physical projects that all can testify to,” he added. 

He also stated that he facilitated employment for over 800 constituents in the security services, ministries, and other institutions, helped traders to access loans from Microfinance and Small Loans Centre (MASLOC) and the COVID Business Support Fund among others. 

Mr. Amewu whose attempt to represent Hohoe in 2004 and 2008 failed, therefore, urged the electorates not to repeat what he described as ”wrong and misguided political choices” which lead to Hohoe losing opportunities in times past, and elect him to represent the constituency in parliament for accelerated development.