The leader of the People's National Convention says there may be the Ghanaian version of the Arab spring if the current state of youth unemployment is not addressed.

Dr Edward Mahama who opened the Institute of Economic Affairs Forum, ahead of the 2016 election in November said "youth unemployment is rising at fear provoking pace," and that should be a source of great worry to every Ghanaian.

The Forum is a platform for flagbearers of parties with representation in Parliament to outline their visions and policies to the voters ahead of the election.

Dr Mahama opened the forum by addressing key issues, including health, agriculture, corruption, sanitation, power etc, issues that are affecting the country.

He was emphatic youth unemployment is alarming, insisting something urgent must be done to arrest the situation.

He said the youth are assets to the country but have been excluded in the socio-economic transformation agenda of the country.

According to him, the youth can be "catastrophic" in their current state of joblessness and the earlier the country addresses their needs the better.

The PNC leader said his party will have what he terms the new force made up of the country's youth to drive the change the economy needs.

He said this new force has the potential to develop the country but that potential has been left untapped and a PNC government will take advantage of that if elected in November.

Dr Mahama is convinced Ghana has lost the fight against corruption, saying, Ghana is one of the worst performing countries in the fight against corruption.

He said much has been lost in the last five years through the abuse of the Public Procurement Act.

"Sole sourcing has become the norm and that is the beginning the corruption," he said.

The PNC leader said his party will resource anti-corruption agencies like EOCO CHRAJ and empower them to lead the fight against corruption.

"Beyond the institutional reforms is the issue of attitude," he pointed out. He said he will lead by example if elected into office.

"When Liman was removed, not a single one of his ministers were prosecuted for corruption. What happened when NDC one gave way to NPP in 2001? The finance minister, his deputy and other ministers of state were prosecuted and jailed under causing financial loss to the state, another way of defining corruption," he indicated.

Dr Edward Mahama charged Ghanaians to change their voting patterns and try the PNC for the first time and they will experience a change in fortunes.