Christine-Marie Nyantakyi, wife of shamed football administrator Kwesi Nyantakyi, has pleaded with Ghanaians to be measured in their condemnation of her husband banned by FIFA for life, following explosive investigations.

She doubted if anyone’s integrity would survive under the circumstances her beleaguered husband found himself.

“If he had known, I am sure that things that he said or did; he wouldn’t have done them…That you come to me; deceive me and then I follow you; for you to do this to me,” she said on Metro TV’s Good Evening Ghana Tuesday.

Kwesi Nyantakyi was filmed by journalist-turned-private investigator, Anas Aremeyaw Anas, demanding monies in excess of $11 million ostensibly to settle some of Ghana’s top politicians including the president, his vice and some ministers of state.

He told the fake business investor, he could “take over the whole country” if he parted with millions in exchange for huge government contracts.

In what was deemed unethical behaviour, the then President of the Ghana Football Association planned to set up an agency to collect a percentage of sponsorship for the Ghana Premier League which he was securing with the fake investor.

The documentary was broadcast to packed audiences in Accra and Kumasi in June and made Ghana’s football officials a laughing stock on social media.

Kwesi Nyantakyi resigned from his FA, WAFU, CAF and FIFA posts days after the video broadcast and was placed under a 90-day ban which was extended by another 45 days before the life ban.

Speaking on Good Evening Ghana Tuesday,  Christine-Marie Nyantakyi said her family has been going through a lot of pain.

She indicated that it was unfair to her husband to have been recorded when he was having a private conversation with an investigator feigning as an investor.

“I mean we are all human beings…the conversations that we have every day amongst us as friends, as associates and business partners, if those conversations are taken out, all of us will be in trouble. 

“The sociologists will tell you that ‘human beings are complex beings’; as soon as a light is thrown on you; your behaviour, your demeanour, your gestures change; so you talk to somebody knowing that there’s no one else watching you, there are no cameras, and then all of a sudden; everything is in the open”.