The Head Pastor of Potter’s Family Chapel, Prophet Alex Armstrong has criticised government’s control over the rental of property spaces in the country.

According to Prophet Alex Armstrong, the economy would suffer due to the government’s inactions against property owners and landlords who set absurd prices for tenants.

This according to him is because the government has failed to implement laws that check the actions of property owners.

“As a nation, where are we going? A nation that is not mindful of [legislations on] land, of apartments, that nation will suffer for a very long time. We should be able to control all these things.”

He revealed that rental arrangements are altered indiscriminately and tenants are left at the mercy of landlords especially at a time when the country has been hit by the Covid-19 pandemic.

“Sometimes you go to a compound house and you are told GH1200. If the government cannot control rental and anybody can wake up and change or increase rent; every six months they increase rent, if you don’t have that kind of money you will not have a better place to stay.

“How do you expect me to raise GH25000,” he quizzed.

Prophet Alex Armstrong has, therefore, urged government to be swift in taking the necessary steps needed to curb the menace.

He said after a bill is put together, it should be sent to Parliament for approval so it can be enforced as a law.

He also entreated Christians to show love and mercy to their fellow brethren and not burden tenants with a consistent increase in rent.

“Where are we going as a people? We have become so wicked. When God gives you the opportunity to build, please have mercy on your tenants. Try and understand them. You have been privileged, God has shown you mercy to build a house. Show mercy to others,” he stated.

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