Joe Mettle (Photo by @@pixah_photo)

Gospel singer, Joe Mettle has denied publications that claimed he married his wife, Salomey Selassie Dzisah after an unplanned pregnancy. 

Speaking in an interview with ZionFelix he stated that the claims are blatant falsehood.

“Whatever story is out there is not true. Yes, I hear it all but the beautiful thing about the ear is that it’s two, so when it enters at this side, it comes out at the other side,” he said

Joe Mettle got married to Salomey got married on August 15, 2020, in a star-studded wedding.

The event took place at the Tema Christian Center Assemblies of God at Tema Community 2.

Joe Mettle stated that people just want to make assumptions about his personality and how he lives his life.

He stated that it is “sad” that people spread falsehood about him, but as long as he knows himself and the truth he is not bothered.

“My family is private, not public. It is the music that is public. I am the one who happens to be out there but not my wife.

“She has her life. She makes the decision whether she wants to be out there on there or not,” he said