October is Breast Cancer Awareness month worldwide and Joy FM is dedicating its mid-morning show, Cosmopolitan Mix to awareness creation. 

Dubbed ‘Pink October’, the team is using the initiative to help educate listeners and address their questions on breast cancer. This advocacy, in partnership with Trust Hospital, will include all the tips on breast cancer, self-examination, early detection, symptoms, risk factors, prevention and care. 

The theme for this year’s celebration is “detect early, treat effectively”

Joining host Animwaa Anim Addo for the discussion from the Trust Hospital are; Communications and Business Development Manager, Afia Drah, Dr Nana Ama Abankwa, Chief of medical  staff, General Practitioner, Dr. Cassandra Odum  and programmes manager for Joy FM, Edem Knight-Tay. 

The team will also hold free screening for cherished listeners during this pink month.

Listeners are urged to make a date with the team every weekday on The Cosmopolitan Mix and follow the programme on #pinkoctober and #cosmopolitanmix hashtags.

Breast Cancer is the uncontrollable growth of abnormal cells in the breast tissue. These abnormal cells rapidly grow and invade surrounding normal tissue.

In 2020, breast cancer was the commonest female-related cancer diagnosed in Ghana, representing 31.8% of all female cancers.

Breast cancer was the second leading cause of cancer-related deaths in Ghana in 2020, recording about 13%. By December 2020, breast cancer was the world’s most prevalent cancer. 7.8 million women alive had been diagnosed with breast cancer in the past 5 years as at December, 2020.

“So you see, it is really important to educate on breast cancer as screening and early detection offer the best outcome of treatment and is life-saving. Our aim is to drive home the message that breast cancer is not a death sentence and early detection saves lives.

As we begin this month, please make a conscious effort to have your breasts examined at a health facility as early detection saves lives. You can walk into the Trust Hospital or any of our satellite clinics on Tuesday and Thursday throughout this month to have a free breast examination done,” the Pink October team said.

“Tune in to Cosmopolitan Mix with Animwaa Anim Addo from 10 am to 12 noon every weekday to join the discussion. Follow PINK OCTOBER and be an ambassador of the campaign using the hashtag #CosmopolitanMix on social media,” they added.

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