The first 20 people to buy SNS Estates (Sawer-Nanor and Sons Company Limited) homes at the upcoming Habitat Fair will benefit from a 5% discount, the company has promised.

According to the Chief Executive, Simon Tetteh, though houses at the ‘City of Favor’ are affordable and have flexible payments plans, his outfit is willing to give a special offer to the new customers who will throng the fair.

“Our two-bedroom house is selling at $65,000, three-bedroom going for $100,000 and the four-bedroom, $130,000. Aside all these, we’ll be giving a 5% discount to the first 20 people who sign up with us,” he said.

Chief Executive of SNS Estates, Simon Tetteh explained that his outfit has introduce a flexible payment plan for all.

“We understand the Ghanaian economy, therefore we have a fantastic payment plan. All an interested party needs to do is to make a down payment of ¢4000 and register. We then give you some time to raise 30% of the total amount. After paying 30 percent, one has a grace period of 18 months to complete payment,” he explained.

Mr. Tetteh took Joy Business through the features of buildings constructed by his firm

“For our buildings, you get features like sliding doors, security, a terrace, store room, a very stylish fully tiled kitchen, water heater system, among others”, he stressed.

SNS Estates is a limited liability company established in 2008. Its first real estate is called City of Favor located at Dawhenya.

Its units are 2 bedroom Semi-Detached as well as 2, 3 and 4 bedroom detached houses.

The 12th edition of JoyNews Ecobank Habitat Fair takes off on October 27th this year. The Habitat Fair provides a platform for prospective home owners to interact with key stakeholders in the construction and artisanal industry.

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