June 3 disaster: Mahama cannot escape blame

Aspiring General Secretary of the People's National Convention (PNC), Atik Mohammed says he disagrees with President Mahama's call for a stop to the finger pointing in the June 3 twin disaster which claimed 152 lives.

According to him, it was the president and his administration's inaction that led to the tragic incident and no one else, but he must be blamed.

Speaking on Peace FM’s morning show ‘Kokrokoo’, the Policy Analyst said “I disagree with vehemence the assertion by the president that we should end the blame game.

“Which blame game is he asking us to end?  He is responsible and I dare say that the deaths of those people are on his hands”, he added.

Atik Mohammed’s comment is in reference to a plea by President Mahama for Ghanaians to put a stop to the finger-pointing in the wake of the devastating twin disasters that shook Accra a week ago.

Over a hundred people perished when the GOIL petrol station at Kwame Nkrumah Circle – where they were seeking shelter during a heavy downpour last Wednesday exploded, amidst heavy floods.

At a memorial service held for the perished souls, President Mahama said there is “plenty of blame to go around” but instead of doing this it was necessary for Ghanaians to stop blaming governments – past and present – and assess “what government must and will do”.

He said the disaster has stripped the nation down to the “truth of who and what we are” and forced the country to face the “essentials of reality”.

However, Atik Mohammed disagrees with the president.

He believes that the president and his administration have failed to address the issues although they have been in power for seven years.

He said the failure to desilt the Odaw River and several other open drains in Accra was a major cause of the floods "and it does not take rocket science for us to desilt gutters".

This according to him is something the president is very much aware of, yet he and his administration have done nothing for several years.

“They wait and when their inaction turns into a huge disaster then you find them in their best attires, taking selfies and groupies with the ‘pretense’ of showing concern and to mourn. Then the president will say “never again” – the same comments he made in 2014 when the city was submerged in floods.

“The president and his appointees’ refusal to act is the reason this has happened”.

In his view, the President and his appointees are “sleeping on the job as though the country is on cruise control, autopilot no one seems to be in control”.

He said the president must hold his appointees to task otherwise there will be no better person to blame than himself, “somebody must take responsibility, someone must be held accountable”.

The call for an end to the finger pointing is the president’s way of “running away from responsibility. He is answerable for that tragedy and no one can tell me it is not the president”.

If we pay taxes and all we get in return then what are our taxes being used for, he quizzed.

“In the fullness of time Ghanaians will ask the president to own up to this tragedy and demand full accountability” he stated.