The deceased, Ibrahim Kaaka Mohammed

The late activist Ibrahim Mohammed aka ‘Macho Kaaka’ never minced words while announcing his membership of the New Patriotic Party (NPP) to the world. So did he boldly declare his support for the #FixTheCountry campaign.

In a June 8, 2021, Facebook Live video captioned ‘What’s Going on in Ejura’, Kaaka started off by accusing the media of not doing enough in playing its watchdog role of informing the public of what the leaders of the country are not doing right.

‘The media is expected to fight for the people, but they are silent,’ he said in his Twi presentation.

His Facebook Live session was therefore his own way of being at the forefront of fighting for what is right.

‘I am a member of NPP,’ he stated emphatically.

‘Whether I like it or not I am a member of the NPP, but I have realised the majority of those who are shouting ‘Nana #FixTheCountry’ are members of the NPP because I am a member of NPP…

‘Nana, fix the country. When we say fix the country, some people think it’s because we hate you. We are not saying you are the cause of the challenges we face in the country, but it is because of the confidence we have in you that we keep calling on you to fix the country,’ he said as he wept.

Kaaka went on to tout Nana Akufo-Addo’s Free Education policy but stated that there will be a hardship if the President fails to fix the country.

Ibrahim Mohammed was attacked in Ejura in the Ashanti region while returning home on his motorbike.

He later died at the Komfo Anokye Teaching Hospital.

His death sparked protests in Ejura, leading to the shooting to death of two others.

Three suspects in Kaaka’s murder are current before the courts, while a committee of inquiry is investigating the incidents leading to the killing of two and injuries to others.

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