The National Security Minister, Albert Kan Dapaah has fought off claims that there is a rise in insecurity and crimes in the country.

Addressing Parliament on the state of security in the country ahead of the 2020 elections Thursday, the Minister said some political actors are deliberately spreading such information to create fear and panic amongst citizens.

According to him, the country is safe based on available crime statistics.

“Mr Speaker, there seems to be a deliberate attempt by certain individuals to create a false notion of rising insecurity in the country. The facts, however, counters these false notions.

“For instance, evidence suggests that there is a reduction in crime levels in the country, but I think Mr Speaker, that these false notions of insecurity stem from the deliberate politicisation of issues of national security in the country and it has become more pronounced as we approach the 2020 election,” he said.

The National Security Minister also noted that an assessment reveals that indeed, insecurity is mostly fueled by politicians.

According to him, these politicians either threaten violence on Election Day or consistently tell citizens that the country is insecure.

Either ways, he said, they are unacceptable since it kills the morale of personnel of the security agencies.

“These politicians sometimes openly threaten violence should they lose the election and some also express concern about rising insecurity in the country.

“Mr Speaker, this unacceptable and must be condemned irrespective of where it is coming from.”

He then gave the assurance that the nation’s security forces are determined to effectively handle situations that may threaten a peaceful election.

“I want to thank the personnel security agencies for their handwork and for their relentless effort in serving mother Ghana.”

However, the Minority Leader, Haruna Iddrisu hit back at the Minister, insisting that there’s some sense of insecurity in the country.

“There is insecurity in the country but the rate may not be as high as what is been discussed in the public space. But what we need is transparency,” he said.

He then stressed that the opposition NDC will not accept any form of intimidation by the security agencies.