Kosmos Energy has said it is committed to listing on the Ghana Stock Exchange possibly before the end of this year.

The oil exploration and production firm last year put its listing on hold due to what they describe as a purely business decision.

Speaking to Joy Business at the opening of its new office complex in Ghana, Chief Executive Brain Maxted said there are still some conditions they are looking at before it comes unto the market.

“It’s a question of whether the condition is right and whether the corporate environment conditions are correct – economically, commercially, financially”, he said.

He also indicated that Kosmos is currently re-evaluating the environmental situations before listing on the stock exchange.

Mr Maxted also stated that when the stock price of the parent company is in “the right place” on the New York Stock Exchange, the firm will know how to go about listing a part of the Kosmos on the GSE.

He however denied that its decision to suspend listing last year was due to challenges in securing the official approval to list.

Kosmos energy is planning to list about 5 percent of the total value of the company if it finally decides to list.

Kosmos is also planning to invest about 400 million dollars in its operation in Ghana this year.