Some victims of the Apeatse explosion

Management of LaLiga, one of the most popular professional sports leagues globally, has commiserated with the victims of Thursday’s explosion at Apeatse in the Western Region.

Per recent reports from the Police Service, the blast has claimed the lives of 13 individuals.

According to the Director of Public Affairs of the Service, there were 190 casualties as recorded by the National Ambulance Service and allied agencies.

Taking to its Facebook platform, LaLiga noted that their thoughts and prayers are with the people of Ghana; particularly the displaced victims.

LaLiga commiserates with victims of Apeatse explosion

Also, it expressed its condolence to the bereaved families.

“LaLiga commiserates with the people of Ghana on the explosion that occurred in Apiatse. Our thoughts and prayers are with you. For those who lost their lives, y3 ma mu yaak),” it communicated.

Displaced residents are currently receiving shelter at the St. Michael’s Catholic Parish, Bogoso as government works to rehabilitate them.

Preliminary investigations conducted by the Police revealed that a vehicle carrying mining explosives, traveling from Tarkwa to Chirano mines, collided with a motorcycle, resulting in the explosion.

The Police stated that the rider of the motorcycle from the opposite direction collided with the vehicle at around 1:25 pm on January 20.

According to the Police, due to the impact of the crash, the motorcycle caught fire and ignited the explosives on the DAF van. The DAF vehicle thus burst into flames.

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