Leader of the Economic Fighters League (Fighters), Ernesto Yeboah, says NPP Loyal Ladies have no future in the party  because it has no plans for them.

This follows reports that at least a member stood on an NDC platform during one of its 'Unity Walk' to denounce the NPP over failed promises. The members of the group were promised jobs in an election campaign in which unemployment was a key issue.

Ernesto Yeboah said the reported denouncing confirms, the group was formed merely for political objectives of then opposition NPP.

"It was formed through exploitation, for exploitation and can only be maintained through exploitation", the leader of the political pressure group said.

Elaborating, Ernesto Yeboah said the NPP Loyal Ladies was created out of the official party structure because of already existing Women' and Youth wings.

Ernesto Yeboah Kofi

Now that the party is in power, the group must fold up into the existing party structure as the group has no locus within the party.

The promised jobs, he said, are not materialising and recalled the inhumane treatment some Ghanaians received during a recruitment exercise by the Ghana Immigration Service.

The Fighters leader argued, the group may even be a threat to the official Women's wing.

The promise of jobs will end up a mirage, Ernesto Yeboah said and warned that if the NPP Loyal Ladies persists in existing, then the ladies risk all forms of exploitation including sex.

He said while parallel political groups can be useful in winning power, it can also undermine a party's chances as was the case of the NDC whose defeat was blamed on the emergence of splinter groups which struggled for resources with the mainstream party.

Ernesto Yeboah ended by inviting the Loyal Ladies to join the Fighters, a social movement which has committed itself to offering a better economic approach to addressing the inherent exploitation of the Gordon Guggisberg economy and capitalism.

They will be better off in the Economic Fighters League, he said.