John Dumelo and Leila Djansi

Filmmaker Leila Djansi is urging her colleague John Dumelo to not lose hope after his first attempt to be a legislator failed.

In an Instagram post, she wrote, “my Jonivi did so well that, it will keep the MP on her toes to work for the people.”

She advised the actor cum politician to restrategise and launch a comeback.

The movie producer explained that John Dumelo should champion the causes of the creative arts and film industry during his next campaign.

“Let’s see your history of serving. There’s so much to be fixed in Ghana’s film industry. Please lead that fight and then, you come back trained and ready.”

She was also content after seeing Ghanaians vote for a candidate of their choosing and not based on bribes.

Leila Djansi explained that it is more beneficial for young people interested in politics to start their campaigns early so they do not depend on bribing people.

“Elections conducted on bribery SHOULD always end in a loss. #GhanaDecides. Cultivate a habit of serving and leading initiatives.”

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“Don’t wake up one morning and start bribing, braiding, pounding and bonding because you want votes,” she added.