Owner of the Jam Rock Restaurant had to intervene by making a Facebook video of herself fuming, to get police enforcing the President’s lockdown directive to allow her dispatch rider pick up some order.

People in the food chain are allowed to work despite Akufo-Addo triggering the Imposition of Restrictions Act 2020 on Accra and parts of the Ashanti as well as Central regions, in a bid to stop the spread of the novel coronavirus.

But on Wednesday, police at ‘Under Bridge’ on the Spintex Road, allegedly held the dispatch rider from Jam Rock Restaurant because he did not have a permit.

Owner of the restaurant, Eliza Olyimpio had to make a Facebook video of herself fuming at the delay and inconvenience caused her business, before the law enforcers allowed the dispatch rider pass.

“There is an order for one kenkey and fish and it’s been two hours. The customer will not understand how after two hours I have still not supplied their kenkey and fish.

“If anybody knows of a permit that you must have before you can get your dispatch rider to move, please someone should send it to me right now because my veins are about to burst.

“My business is collapsing right now and I have one order for kenkey and fish for two hours and my dispatch rider is held here for two hours because his ID is not enough,” she bemoaned.

She added: “This is my ID, when the Information Minister addressed the media last Sunday, he said that all restaurants that are exempted must create their staff ID.

After her cry on the video, the police allowed both she and her dispatch rider to pass without demanding for the said permit any more.

Watch the video below