Government has urged the Ghana Real Estate Developers Associations (GREDA) to oversee that housing is made affordable for every Ghanaian.

Deputy Minister for Works and Housing, Eugene Antwi said that one of the government’s goals is to solve housing issues and create jobs.
Mr Antwi emphasized that quality housing is equally important as affordable housing. 

‘‘It is good to consider quality, but affordability is another factor specifically using new technologies to deliver the desires of the populace particularly the low-income group, the vulnerable and the excluded’’ he said.
The deputy minister disclosed that about 35,000 – 40,000 units of housing are produced yearly whereas the needed quantity is around 100,000 units.

He, therefore, challenged real estate developers to address the housing deficit which is estimated at 1.7 million units and expected to rise to two million by 2020. 
‘‘It is estimated that over 50% of Ghanaians live in sub-standard houses. The government has therefore recognised the dream of every Ghanaian to own a home or at least have decent rental accommodation. I want to challenge the developers to embark on a crusade to confront the worsening deficit,’’ he added.
The Deputy Minister was speaking at GREDA’s annual breakfast meeting, which brought together stakeholders to dialogue on the housing crisis in Ghana.
Present at the meeting were representatives from the housing sector and the financial sector including HFC bank, Omni Bank, the World Bank Group among others.