Melcom Care Foundation says it’s disheartening to see both children and adults die in emergency situations due to inadequate blood supply at the various health facilities.

The foundation has however not left it at just expressing concerns about the situation. It has gone a step further to contribute its quota by organising blood donation exercises in conjunction with the National Blood Service.

Director of Communications for Melcom Group, Godwin Avenorgbo, speaking to Joy Business in Tema at the launch of the 2022 Melcom Care Blood Donation exercise said it will help save lives.

“This is an exercise we’ve done every year to add to the blood supply in health delivery. It’s meant to support the National Blood Service and the various hospitals as there are people in need of blood.” he said.

This year, the foundation increased venues of the exercise from 22 to 25 across the country for the one-day exercise despite the technical challenges of the National Blood Service.

Melcom to continue saving lives through blood donation exercise

Godwin Avenorgbo used the occasion to appeal to residents in the Western region, particularly Tarkwa and its environs to support the Apeatse explosion victims.

“We also believe our donation has come at a time when some victims of the Apeatse explosion need blood to survive and the blood bank in Tarkwa, Takoradi and surrounding areas to have additional pints of blood to save lives,” Mr. Avenorgbo urged.

The company believes donation of relief items to the victims last Sunday shows its support to them in hard times.

Mr. Avenorgbo was however not happy with National Blood Service for not sticking to time.

Melcom has dedicated 2022 Corporate Social Responsibility initiatives to its late Group Chairman, Bhagwan Ramchand Khubchandani who was an active blood donor for decades.

Principal Blood Programme Officer, Southern Zonal Blood Centre of the National Blood Service, Stephen Danso encouraged voluntary donation to stock up the blood bank. 

For the National Blood Service, we believe this exercise with Melcom will go a long way to help save more lives. However one of the main challenges has been getting people to voluntarily donate,” he lamented.

Since December last year, the Blood Service has not been able to collect 100 units of blood per session, partly due to changes in academic calendar as schools are among its important stakeholders.

“We hope by mid-February 2022, we will be able to visit these schools and faith-based organisations which sometimes use fasting to keep us away. What is helping us currently is having replacement donors,” Mr. Danso said.

According to him, some people also cite COVID-19 as reason for not wanting to donate blood.

For Stephen Danso, it is quite dangerous for the country to tread this path.

Meanwhile, donors encouraged others to take part in subsequent ones to help save lives as they took their refreshment package.

Melcom has indicated it will support award schemes for journalists, Accra City Police Project and menstrual hygiene education outreach programmes of Touching the Lives of Girls Foundation.

Melcom Care Foundation Scholarship Scheme is also expected to be enhanced to absorb brilliant children of permanent staff and managers of all divisions of the Melcom Group who meet the requirement.  

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