Okyeame Kwame (Photo by: @sarboat_photography)

Hiplife artiste Okyeame Kwame has asserted that having a strong mentality contributes to the success of an artiste regardless of their talent.

According to OK, the downfall of many talented artistes was due to the lack of mental toughness to deal with social issues.

“You have to develop a strong mental resilience to deal with certain issues so that you don’t cause your own downfall, regardless of how talented you may be. You must learn how you deal with certain issues, especially at the early stages of your music career,” he said.

In an interview with GNA Entertainment, Okyeame Kwame explained that once a person becomes famous, they lose their personal life and are subjected to scrutiny in every endeavour.

“Once you attain fame as a musician, you cannot enjoy your privacy, so you would need to re-evaluate yourself by checking your temperament and how you react to societal issues,”

Okyeame Kwame added that “social pressures abound and celebrities are more prone to issues of depression in comparison with other careers, and the inception of social media, so if you don’t have the right temperament, it could lead to depression,” he said.

Okyeame Kwame further revealed that it is often very difficult to develop a strong mentality at the start of every musician’s career, but they need to psyche themselves in such moments.