Microsoft and The Attorney General Alliance (AGA) an organisation committed to building capacity and exchanging knowledge with African governments, justice and law enforcement agencies and officials throughout Africa to support the rule of law and combat transnational criminal activity have today launched a partnership today,

The two organisations will collaborate with government, justice and law enforcement agencies and officials across Africa to train and share knowledge and experience with the aim of capacity building focusing on cybercrime and other related cross-border criminal activity like money laundering.

The partnership signing ceremony, at Movenpick Ambassador Hotel, Accra, took place during the Commonwealth Secretariat Conference on Cyber Crime in Africa.

AGA’s Executive Director, Karen White said, “with aligned missions to support capacity building initiatives in cybercrime investigation and prosecution in Africa, AGA is proud to partner with Microsoft. We are constantly seeking out meaningful partnerships as part of our commitment to continue expanding and improving our global training programs.”

Microsoft and Attorney General Alliance partner to build cybersecurity capacity in Africa

AGA’s Board Member, Markus Green said “The increased use of cyberspace and access to the internet in Africa has brought its challenges to the law and justice sector.

“This is a timely partnership that supports an urgent need to build capacity to support our partners in the investigation and prosecution of cyberspace criminal activity.”

Expert projections on global cybercrime damages are $6 trillion by the end of 2021, with a 15 per cent growth rate per year reaching $10.5 trillion by 2025.

“Organisations in Africa are increasingly transacting online, and e-commerce markets are expanding. Cybercrime presents a major setback to these strides and threatens to reverse the gains made by the rapidly growing uptake of technology.

“We are indeed excited to launch our partnership with AGA to enhance the exchange of information, strategies, and training to prevent, regulate, investigate and prosecute cybercrime in Africa,” Microsoft’s Regional Director, Emerging Markets (Engineering) Mark Ihimoyan said.

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