American born Bob Bradley will lead Egypt into the 2014 FIFA World Cup play-off against Ghana over two legs aware of his set goal when he took up the post of national coach. Bradley said at the time his goal was to try and take the Pharaohs to the World Cup finals in Brazil next year.

With the first match scheduled for 15 October in Kumasi before the return leg on 19 November in Cairo, Bradley spoke to ahead of the first encounter. How difficult has your campaign been taking into consideration there has been no competition in Egypt for well over a year?

Bradley: We needed to adjust without a league but the players deserve respect and admiration for the way they have handled everything Your take the only 100% record from the qualifiers into the play-off, how much pressure is that on Egypt going into the playoffs?

Bradley: The pressure to qualify comes from the fact that Egypt has not played in a World Cup since 1990 and it is the dream of all the people. You were in charge of USA when Ghana won 2-1 in the round of 16 at 2010 World Cup. How do you intend to use the knowledge and experience from that time this time round?

Bradley: The Ghana coach is now James Kwesi Appiah but the team is still very talented.  We know Ghana is a strong team and we are focused on the first leg in Kumasi. Our staff has worked very hard on preparations for Ghana and we know their team very well.  It is a known factor that football activities have been hampered in Egypt. How much a factor will it be this time going into the Ghana game as opposed to the qualifiers before?

Bradley: We just completed a short camp where we had two friendlies with Uganda. This camp was important to work with the players whose teams have not been playing regular matches.  Mohamed Salah has been your star player in the qualifiers, how important will he be for the playoffs?

Bradley: Mohamed Salah is an excellent player and plays a very important attacking role in our team. Egypt failed to reach the CAN last year and do you see the World Cup ticket as a consolation in that regard? Do you think your team has the 
capacity to take Egypt to the World Cup for the first time since 1990?

Bradley: We were disappointed not to qualify for CAN but the goal since I came to Egypt was always the World Cup. The players have responded to every challenge and believe we can get to the World Cup.