The French Ambassador to Ghana, Anne Sophie Ave has revealed that her stay in the country has taught her to be patient.

Speaking in an interaction on Joy FM’s Personality Profile on Thursday, she also indicated that her stay in the country has made her discover different meanings for the words, soon and shortly.

She added that “on my way please also doesn’t mean that you are actually on your way.”

“It means that you mean to be on your way,” she said amid laughter.

According to her, the new discoveries have changed her perspective to ways of doing things and taught her humility.

“Also, whatever project I want to push forward takes time and it is not to blame on Ghana time, it is also to be blamed on our bureaucracy,” she added.

With the lessons learned, she, however, said she would like to re-visit the country, adding that “you can’t get rid of me.”

“I have already made a date to come back in December. Where else in the world do you want to be than from Ghana?” she asked Host, Lexis Bill.