The president of the National Association of Local Government Authorities (NALAG) has urged President Akufo-Addo to immediately revive the processes that would allow for the election of Metropolitan, Municipal, and District Chief Executives (MMDCE’s).

Bismark Nkum said with Parliament now having an equal number of NDC and NPP MP’s it would be easier to build national consensus and to support in moving the nation forward.

“In 2021, the process should start and obviously it would take Parliament to move the nation forward,” he said.

He quizzed, “if major political parties and parliamentarians fail to cooperate with each other, how can the goal of nation building be achieved?  

“If we are going for a referendum, we have NPP, NDC they say they would not agree, then how can we move forward as a nation?”

Mr Nkum advised, “Parliament should try as much as possible to use their strength to govern support for this call so that as a nation we can elect our MMDCE’s”.

He further reminded legislators that, they were voted to office by the people, therefore, the need to take decisions putting the interest of people into consideration and not for their political benefits only.

“The people of Ghana elected them not for their personal or political benefits or parties but for the benefit of the governed so every decision by Parliament and executives should be in collective interest of the governed, those who voted for them,” he said.