Ghana Youth Camp Slated for November 2020

Over 150 young emerging leaders will gather in Accra for a 3 day residential Ghana Youth Camp starting on November 13 to 15.

The event is organised under the auspices of the Ghana chapter of the Global Youth Network (GYN), an international youth-led non-governmental organisation that works to motivate, unify and empower young people.

The Network are guided by all Sustainable Development Goals.

Organized under the theme “Creating community, inspiring today’s leaders for Ghana’s sustainable development”, it features thought leaders and seasoned facilitators from diverse backgrounds.

The Camp is an experiential learning program designed for Ghanaian youth with the aim of highlighting and encouraging cross-cultural exchange, self-exploration, leadership development, friendship, collaboration, and youth empowerment.

With a mission to mobilize and inspire youth to be drivers of social, political and economic transformation, the organization spearheads projects for youth development and capacity building.

The Global Youth Network is rooted in the belief of youths as problem-solvers, change-makers, and leaders, the events and its related activities are catalysts for change as associated with all Sustainable Development Goals.

The event will bring together youth leaders for holistic self-development backgrounds to provide leadership and entrepreneurial training through lectures, seminars, workshops, and team-building activities related to the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

With Ghana’s high unemployment rate, the initiative seeks to empower with relevant training and entrepreneurial skills that will make them self-sufficient.

Participants will benefit from a rich network of change makers from across the country.

Registration to participate in the event is opened until October 30, 2020.