Minority Chief Whip, Muntaka Mubarak.

Minority in Parliament has described the move by the Electoral Commission to extend the ongoing voters’ registration exercise to Senior High Schools as illegal.

According to the Minority Chief Whip, Mohammed Muntaka Mubarak, the move by the EC is in breach of CI 91.

“This morning we heard the EC saying that they are going to create centers in SHSs to register the children. This is against the law.

“The CI 91 is very clear; if you want to create a polling station, you have to gazette it and inform parties within 21 days before the start of the registration,” Mr Mubarak said in an interview with Adom News’ Abednego Asante Asiedu.

The Electoral Commission has indicated that it will from Friday, June 9th, begin creating registration centers at Senior High Schools to facilitate the registration of students who have resumed school and are of age but cannot register as a result of their preparations towards their final year exams.

The Minority has, however, kicked against the decision, saying it is not in line with the law.

Mr Mubarak argues that the EC needs to gazette all the SHS campuses for it to mature within 21 days before it can use it as a polling center for the exercise.

Ehe Asawase MP said the move is likely to create confusion.

“Now you’ve chosen to go and start and you’ve chosen to go and set registration centers in secondary schools when you’ve not gazetted it. What do you want to do? You want to create confusion. Remember the CI 91 is clearly spelled out those who can register must be residents or must hail from the place.

“Students who come to school and go back to school do not qualify to register in their schools because unless you’re from that community you don’t hail from that community. And most students do not reside from communities in which their schools are located,” he said.