The National Lottery Authority (NLA) in accordance with the National Lotto Act 722 and Lottery Regulations L. I. 1948, has suspended all collaboration agreements which do not seem to have received the appropriate Board Approval.

This has become necessary after the management of the Authority conducted internal investigations into some of these contracts.

A statement issued and signed by the Public Relations Unit of the NLA over the weekend said, “the Management of the NLA wants to place on record that after its internal investigations, it has been established that only four companies operating in partnership with Authority had received approval from the previous Board.”

It said any Lottery Company which has been affected by this management decision has every right in the absence of the Board and a substantive Director-General to appeal to the Finance Ministry, the supervising Ministry of the Authority, or the Office of the President, the appointing authority, for a review.

“We would like to also urge everyone or any institution which has a contract with the NLA to kindly submit a copy of such contract to the Office of the Acting Director-General for review.”