Ghana’s first Hijab wearing footballer Anatu Sadat has told Joy sports playing without a Hijab for years felt awkward as a devout Muslim.

Sadat started playing football at a tender age and she always heard comments about not covering her head on the pitch due to her religion.

“I’m a Muslim so it’s custom for a lady to have the hijab on because it’s part of the beliefs of Islam. I’m proud and I’ve always wanted to do that so when the opportunity came I just grabbed it”

She grabbed the headlines as she became Ghana’s first professional footballer to wear a hijab in a game of football. The trend till 2014 was an unpopular one, until the world football’s governing body – FIFA, lifted its ban on hijabs.

Her move was so powerful, the Ghana Football Association issued a statement permitting all professional female footballers who subscribe to the teachings of Islam, to wear the hijab for games. The behind scenes stories from her home in Tamale have been compiled in a feature titled “Scoring Hijab”.