The New Patriotic Party has congratulated the president elect of the United States, Mr. Barack Obama on his historic feat.

“Today, we join Ghanaians, Africans and the world in celebrating this significant milestone.”

The congratulatory message was contained in press statement signed by Chairman of the Communication Committee of the party’s campaign.

The statement said “there are several useful lessons to be drawn from this election.”

“First, Americans made a decision based on the peculiar circumstances in their country. Throughout his campaign, Senator Obama offered hope, new ideas, strong and effective leadership and inclusiveness.”

The statement believes Mr. Obama’s victory is a vindication of a campaign of ideas, and a rebuke to the politics of insults, vindictiveness, divisiveness and negativity.

The party reminisced the peaceful and non-violent nature of the campaigns despite the high stakes in the keen competition.

“On 20th of January 2009, as has happened repeatedly, power will pass peacefully from President George Bush to Senator Barack Obama. That is as it should be.

“Violence should not have a place in politics. Those who have invoked the Kenya and Zimbabwe models for Ghana must rethink their approach to politics. They must join us in helping Ghana to emulate the American example and become an example for the Kenyas and Zimbabwes of our world,” the statement noted.

Quoting the president elect, the statement said “indeed, Senator Obama has profoundly, called his victory ‘“a new dawn of American Leadership”.’
“This victory is not the change we seek, but a chance to make the change we seek” Obama said in his victory speech.

The NPP observed that the “lesson from the President-elect is that, change for the sake of change is not enough. Ghanaians must vote for the party which has made their lives better and will transform our country, the NPP.”

The NPP hopes that Ghanaians will make history by electing Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo to succeed President Kufuor of the NPP giving our party its third successive majority in parliament and send the NDC John packing to join the Republican John (McCain), in retirement,” the statement concluded.

Story by Malik Abass Daabu