The Deputy CEO of the Free Zones Board secured a resounding victory by defeating the incumbent Tolon MP at New Patriotic Parties (NPP)’s Parliamentary primaries on Saturday.

Habib Iddrisu polled 338 votes while Wahab Suhiyini Wumbei his close competitor polled 164.

Mr Habib extended his wins to areas supposedly the stronghold of the incumbent sweeping most of the electoral areas.

A former Northern Regional Women’s Organizer, Amama Sayibu, managed 2 votes.

Another contestant, a staff of the Ghana Revenue Authority, Jagbo Baako got 10 votes while an accountant at the Controller and Accountant’s General Department, Mohammed Zakaria, had 20 votes.

The total number of delegates was 540 while 536 cast their ballot with two votes rejected.

There was a heavy downpour which lasted for about 30 minutes prior to the elections but that did not dampen the spirit of the motivated delegates.

The District Electoral Officer at Tolon, Benjamin Teye indicated that the dispatch of electoral materials a day ahead of the elections to hard-to-reach communities in the constituency contributed to the smooth voting process.

Addressing the media at the collation center where the counting took place, he said the proces been smooth without any hitch.

In his victory speech Habib Iddrisu called on the other contestants to join in the fight to retain the seat for the NPP.

He said the party in the constituency has just four months to ensure that adding that it’s a time for sober reflection to bring everybody on board.

“It is a selection process the party has undergone and I was lucky to win. It doesn’t mean the rest of the candidates are not relevant for the development of the party. I need each and every one of them to help me deliver the seat,” Mr Iddrisu told the crowd.

He urged party members to join in the crusade to get more people to register when the Electoral Commission begins the process for the new register.

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