Olympus Europa Holding GmbH has announced the appointment of EZCOM as their new distributor for Ghana to market the full range of Olympus digital cameras, binoculars and dictation products.

The thrust is to accomplish Olympus’ rapid penetration into the Ghanaian market.

“With EZCOM and its expertise in marketing consumer electronic brands, Olympus is confident that we will improve the position of our brand in Ghana”, said Uwe Luessem, Marketing and Operation Manager at Olympus Europa Holding in Hamburg, Germany.

Olympus, founded in Japan in 1919 and employing over 33,000 workers worldwide, is one of the world’s leading manufacturers in the field of optical and digital technologies for business, leisure, medicine, science and industry.

EZCOM International is a fast growing distributor of Notebook personal computers, multimedia projectors and a wide range of imaging products and peripherals through a large network of value added resellers, dealers and retailers in Ghana.

With a strong 6 years track record of providing customer base with a broad range of products and services, EZCOM service a serves some 1,000 clients that represent all spectrums of the national distribution channel in Ghana, a statement by the company said.

“We are proud to be selected as a partner for one of the world’s leading brands of digital cameras, and aim to take Olympus to new heights in Ghana”, says Tarek Ezzedine, Managing Director at EZCOM.


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