I smile while counting the day!
My mum says mbia (my child) get some rest!

I am a busy bee who never pauses for rest but in the last few days, I have resorted to taking power naps,from 30 mins to one whole hour in between work and even sleeping till 7 am. My family must be happy hearing that. They worry about my busy life, but all that energy must be put to good use now. Anaa?

So, one good thing out of this quarantine is the opportunity to rest.

Please spare us a thought, boredom no good and some of you are not helping us. You ask insensitive questions, share silly jokes from mean people who ridicule us from social media, as if we no longer have access to social, we do people! As for the videos of quarantine people talking plenty, I beg DO NOT SHARE THEM WITH ME.

I have a different coping strategy which involves mindfulness and positive thinking. No space for negative energy!

I have been “ almost rude” to people telling them I have no space for what they were talking about and thanked them for the call. I provide three words sentences as my responses to your long WhatsApp messages cos there so many messages to respond to, deleted some messages cos they were annoying among others. All, because I want my peace of mind. When there is a press conference we listen too, so stop sending us screaming screenshots. We are aware of what’s going on.

Why am telling you all this? It’s important to understand that people in restricted space get bored and edgy sometimes angry, sad and need some peace of mind. Stop being insensitive folks and support your family and friends. Me, I welcome thought-provoking stuff, nice decent jokes and a great playlist.

I cant send photos cos even the apps cant “beautify” my kpenkpeshie hair and bored face. My humour dey small. (laughing hard writing this part).

My inbox has been busy but thank God it’s not filled with messages of people wanting to go into quarantine with me. I receive lots of daily checks from you. I may not respond to all but when I am free and take a pause from work, I read them and appreciate it.

To all of you amazing AWESOME folks out there, you ROCK!